calligraphy 101

Welcome to the world of beautiful writing!

The videos on this page correspond to the Design in Words Intro to Calligraphy Kit Workbook.

They will take you through the basic steps of getting your calligraphy kit set up and start making some luscious letters.

Ready? Let's go...

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Part 1: Getting Started

Everything you need to know to get set up and ready to write!

Part 2: Get to Know Your Tools

This video takes you through setting up your pen and ink.

Part 3: Make Your Mark

Get ready to make your mark by learning the basic strokes that make up all of the letters in pointed pen calligraphy.

Part 4: Using the Workbook

The workbook is your step by step guide to writing beautiful calligraphy. Here's how to use it: 

Part 5: How to Use the Guide Sheets

Here's how to use the guide sheet you will find at the back of your Intro to Calligraphy workbook. 

Part 6: Wrapping Up