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The beauty of the written word.

Do you remember discovering the magic of something simple when you were a kid? Like figuring out how to ride a bike. First you were wobbling... and then you were flying! Magic, right?

For me, I was 9 when that happened. I picked up a calligraphy pen for the first time and everything changed.

Words could mean something beautiful AND be beautiful. My mind was blown.

From that day forward, it was all about the pens and the paper.

Fast forward many years, countries and continents later, and I am still in love with the written word.

My lettering has graced the pages of luxury brands from Veuve Clicquot to Chanel to Louboutin; from Lavazza to Gucci to Diptyque; from Sydney to Amsterdam to Toronto and back again... working with corporations, private clients and designers across the globe.

I invite you to write from the heart. Are you up for the challenge?

My custom stationery is all about sharing the beauty of the written word with those you love.

With personalisation available on just about everything, it's a beautiful way to share your love with those who are important to you.

So whether it's on a plain old piece of paper, or with a dip pen and gold ink, I invite you to share the love with those care about.

Send someone you love some love. Let's go old school and write from the heart.

Are you with me?

x Danielle