How to Get Invited Back to a Cottage - 5 Ways to Say Thank You

5 Ways to say Thank You for a cottage weekend - muskoka chairs on a dock

Cottage season is upon us, and with that, the ever present dilemma of how to say thanks to your great hosts. (And possibly even more importantly, how to say thanks even if the weekend went sideways…)

While your mama may have forced you to write Thank You cards, I can assure you that receiving a thank you card in the mail is THE nicest thing you can do for your host right now. 

Here are 5 ways to say thanks in a genuine way, regardless of the end result:

  1. Thank you for an unforgettable time! I/We are so grateful for some time out of the city. The [insert food item/event/activity] was truly memorable. 

  • The ideal card for: a weekend that went pear-shaped (that’s Aussie for “didn’t go as planned”)

  • What a truly serene weekend away! Your cottage/chalet/farm is a lovely place to unwind and relax. Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility.

  • The perfect card for: a quiet weekend getaway (that may have been too quiet)

  • Thank you for making us feel completely at home and part of the family this weekend! Your generosity in letting us share this special place with you is very appreciated.

  • Great for: a chaotic family weekend of animals, kids and the rest

  • You are a truly magnificent host! I/We am/are so grateful for your warmth and hospitality. From the delicious food to the beautiful environment, I/we feel truly spoiled. Thank you!

  • THE card for: the host/ess with the most/ess. We all have one of these (or in my case, a few of these!) in our lives and it’s a way to really say thanks.

  • I enjoyed every single moment. You are a marvel. How did you manage to do it all and make me feel so relaxed and at home at the same time? Thank you so much!

  • This one is for: that super busy friend who always finds the time to make things special

And if you’re going to go, for the love of all things cottagey, DO NOT forget to bring a thoughtful host/ess gift!

Paloma. Notepad. Nuts. Stack of Magazines. How to write a Thank You Card by Design in Words.


Here are some of my faves:

  • A stash of great, current (DON’T give them old issues of yours!) magazines to peruse on the dock, based on their interests
  • Offer to bring up a special cocktail & “Fivesies” (again, Aussie slang for the 5 o’clock - get the “fivesies” now?? - snack time. Think olives, nice cheese, charcuterie, if you are so inclined)
  • A custom Noteblock just for the cottage (I know… I know… but if you don’t back yourself, who are you going to back, right?!)


Now... I'm off for holidays, so until then, happy cottaging!